Sustainable Bio-Friendly Tableware
We believe that its time to replace plastics with greener alternatives. And we have flawless solution.
Lets go green
It is a craft we love
Let our product tell your story!
Give your business with a competitive edge with stylish and maintenance free products depicting the true essence of nature. We at Bio Friendly ware offer you the wide range of nature inspired tableware catering to diverse tastes around the world. Believe us and we would make you believe in the purity of nature!
Still not checked the benifits of this all natural tableware? Here are few amazing features you would love to know!
100% chemical free
Microwawe safe
Refrigerator friendly
Sterilized & UV treated
Biodegradable & compostable
Staff design with strong fibers
Clean, no wash required
Hot food and liquid safe
Minimal human intervention
We believe Bio Friendly ware has an immense scope and pptential in diverse spheres of life as an eco friendly alternative to existing solutions. We are constantly striving to design great products for various urban, business and travel use cases.
Reduced 882 tons of plastic waste
through our work in the last 3 years
By 2022, we plan to increase this
impact to replacing as much as 3,000
tonnes of plastic every single year.
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